A Typical Session

Tricked you! Actually, there is no typical session.  It just depends on what you are working on at the moment and where you want to see change.  Is it a chronic condition that has been dogging you for a long time, or are you dealing with an acute situation that requires more immediate attention?  Whatever it is that you are challenged with at the moment, we’ll take a look at what might be the underlying causes and treat that as well.  


That being said, the session will almost certainly include stretching and muscular compression. It may also include hot herbal compress, use of oils or liniments, scraping, cupping, or other therapies that are used in the Thai practice.  Think of it as a cross between passive yoga, massage, meditation and physical therapy. 


Thai bodywork is a fully clothed experience, is practiced on a mat on ground and may appear closer to physical therapy than massage therapy.  It can be a very gentle, relaxing and meditative experience or it can be a stronger, more challenging experience, depending on your needs and preferences at the time.  Safe practice is very important to me and no matter what, you will never be pushed beyond your limits.   

Outside of the session, I often work with clients to support them as they pursue their overall health and wellness goals.  I work as a WELLNESS COACH in this capacity for all who can benefit. If you are interested in overcoming that which is blocking you from feeling amazing, let me know! 

If you would like to receive Thai session or do a free 30 minute Wellness consult, contact me at paul@bluelotusthai.com

or call / text me at 773-841-6018

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