And why are coaches so important?

You open a package of tomato seeds.  You plant one of those seeds in rich fertile Illinois soil and then you plant another seed in a toxic waste dump with just a thin layer of lifeless soil.  Same seed, same DNA, but one bares beautiful fruit while the other one can barely eek out a few sad tomatoes.  You are not a victim; you can create a nourishing environment for your DNA.  You just need some help. 

Basketball players wouldn't dream of not having a coach. They recognize that they need a coach to help them be successful. Gymnasts, dancers, and even top level executives have coaches. Yet, we think we should be able to be successfully navigate the many health challenges of modern life without one. That's ridiculous!

You don't feel great. You know what you have to do to feel better. Yet somehow you can't seem to do it. For pretty much everyone, breaking unhealthy habits and making healthy new ones can be quite difficult. The fact is, we all need support and guidance when we are making changes, large and small.  

So many of our modern maladies (from insomnia to diabetes) can be improved or possibly even avoided by committing to healthier practices regarding food and nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management. Our habits around these things largely determine whether we age in health or in sickness. And believe it or not, even small changes can have a big impact on your overall wellbeing.  

A commitment to a coach is a commitment to yourself. And a commitment to yourself is a commitment to your loved ones. You are worth it and so are they.  

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Let's Do This!


Foundation Plus Six

The 7 session package is recommended if you have been struggling a bit and are looking to make a bigger change for whatever reason.  The 90 minute foundational session will take a health history, look into your big picture vision and set some goals.  The next 5 sessions we will work to making the changes, and I will support you through discussion, encouragement, inspiration and helping to hold you accountable.  The last session will be a follow up session one month after the 6th session.  This session will check in, see how your momentum is going and make any adjustments you need going forward.


Foundation Plus Three

We begin with a 90 minute "get to know you" foundational session that explores your health history, your challenges, and your goals. The three sessions that follow will continue to follow the thread and support you on your path to feeling better!


Paul listened to me, asked really great questions and helped inspire me to create some healthy new habits that I had been wanting to acquire for years.  I'm so happy I took the chance to work with Paul.

Catherine S. 

Fresh Produce

"The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it and join the dance!"

Allen Watts





Over Three Decades of Experience

From his middle school teaching days in the 90's to his yearly trips to Thailand to study traditional self-care and meditation techniques to his training at the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, Paul has been working with people to help them improve their health and well-being for most of his life.  

In 2008, Paul founded the Chicago School of Thai Massage which became Blue Lotus Thai Healing Studies in 2012.  He has coached many students in those years as they worked to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Twenty four classes and eleven years later,  Blue Lotus is still moving forward!

In 2017, when Paul was diagnosed with a challenging neurological condition, he spent a year completely transforming his diet and lifestyle.  In that time, the symptoms of his condition receded to the point that he couldn't even tell that I had it, a progressive disease which western doctors told him would only get worse in time.  

After this success, he knew he wanted to help others who also faced health challenges of their own.  That was when he dove into the year-long Functional Medicine Coaching Program. It was the best decision he ever made.  He loves working with people using the "coach approach", where they lead and he supports.  It's empowering for his clients and it's so satisfying for him.   



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